Mongillo Press has been in the Photographic and Printing business for 32 Years. Kathryn Mongillo started with film development with a lithographer in 1982. In recent years she developed in Digital Media with Raster Imaging, File Conversions, Photo Restoration, Photo Touch-up and Storage Solutions.

Benefits of using our Digital Archiving solutions:

  • FAST, EASY ACCESS — convenient desk-side, at-your-finger-tips, storage.
  • TIME/MONEY SAVER — no wasted time looking for Photos.
  • ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION – Photos stored in raster file format allow fast and expedient data transfer. Easy to share data.
  • SAFE-KEEPING — second set can be easily stored away to keep safe from fire/flood hazards.
  • QUICK VIEWING AND PRINTOUTS – CD data can be viewed quickly on almost any computer viewing program and easily printed out.
  • SPACE SAVER — no cumbersome storage space required for paper documentation is necessary!
  • EASY-TO-CARRY – 1TB USB Drive, (that fits in the palm of your hand) can hold at least 48,000 photos or documents and have room to spare. A 50 photo minimum is requested


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